LOUIS QUATORZE adopts “Perpetual Light” as the concept for its 2016 S/S collection, paying homage to the French King Louis Quatorze(Louis XIV) for his artistic spirit based on “light.” The brand adds a modern twist to the artistic spirit of the Sun King using “Light” and mirrors its elegant beauty together with the geometrical patterns and elegance of the Palace of Versailles in each element of the item.

Louis XIV, who played a leading role in reviving the culture and art of France, laid out a garden in the “Villa of Versailles” and extended the building, turning it into a “Palace of Versailles”. He built the “Hall of Mirrors” in the Palace of Versailles, and threw a party decorated by reflected light. At the garden, he built an installation called “Water Theater,” and enjoyed appreciating the beauty created by the harmony of light and water. Aside from this, he loved 58-facet round brilliant cuts which maximized diamonds’ brilliance and transparency also, established streetlights in Paris for the first time in the world, contributing to the development of light-based art and the nationwide industry.